The Management of Saint George values the limitation of the natural resources available and the impact generated by the activity of the establishment in the environment, both direct and in general. This determines the need to adopt a proactive attitude with regards to the protection of environment and to encourage the implementation of an Environmental Management System.

Since it first opened the Saint George has enforced an environmental policy and continues to study and put into practice any necessary changes within its functional structure to make its financial results compatible with a development of the environmental values, which has been supported with the Travelife Gold certification.

Sustainability and environment are not only about natural resources and waste, but also about people. Hotels and tourism are the main economical driver of our island, have a responsibility towards the local community and should actively cooperate in the making of its social tissue. As an independent hotel we are especially proud of our achievements in sustainability, but taking care of our environment is definitely a need more than a trend, but our aim is to make sustainability not a sign of differentiation, as it still is nowadays, but a common feature to all hotels and tourism related companies in our destination and worldwide.

Environmental Policy (117 KB)

Community and Employment Policy (187 KB)

Health and Safety Policy (144 KB)

Sustainability Report (266 KB)

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